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Hemp Oil Compounds

Made with Whole Hemp Extract from Certified Organic and Biodynamic Hemp, Organic Oils and Essential Oils, Authentic’s Hemp Oil Compounds are formulated to support the body’s endocannabinoid system. Authentic aims to offer the highest quality, ethical, and authentic products available on the market today.
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract from Certified Organic & Biodynamic Hemp
Our hemp is grown in the agricultural North Fork Valley on the Western Slope of Colorado. Authentic™ commands our quality by beginning with a stable landrace strain and growing it from seed. This strain is Biodynamically grown and the whole plant is processed with an alcohol extraction method and then infused into nourishing oils and essential oils.
Steam Distilled Organic Essential Oils
Steam distillation methods are used to process organic aromatic plant material to isolate their concentrated therapeutic compounds (essential oils) from hydrosol. Essential oils have been studied and used therapeutically for thousands of years for a variety of purposes.** We offer two flavor options: Organic Orange or Organic Spearmint. We formulated our Hemp Oil Compounds to be light tasting, flavorful products that are a delicious way to take your hemp extract supplement sublingually.
Nourishing Certified Organic Oils
Our Hemp Oil Compounds are rich in nutritive oils, acting as ‘carriers’ for our whole plant hemp extract and botanical formulation.  We’ve included; Organic Hemp Seed Oil:
Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, this oil has been shown to reduce inflammation.
Vitamin E, a nutritive oil for the health of the skin and body systems.  Vitamin E also acts to help maintain the fresh flavor of our Hemp Oil Compounds, acting as a natural antioxidant.
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