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FAQs - Know Your Hemp!

Is Hemp legal in the US?

YES! The 2018 Farm Bill makes Industrial Hemp and all of its byproducts legal including hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD).  Read about it HERE

Previous to the 2018 Farm Bill, the 2014 Farm Bill enabled US farmers to grow non-psychoactive Industrial Hemp.  This piece of federal legislation and the pilot programs within the participating states, supported our domestic hemp industry.  

Where do you source your Hemp?

We grow it!  We have been growing Industrial Hemp under the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Industrial Hemp Program on the pristine, agriculturally productive Western Slope of Colorado since 2016.  We are one of a few Industrial Hemp farms in the US that became dually Certified Organic & Biodynamic. We care about regenerative agriculture and bringing the cleanest, most vibrant hemp to our customers that we can!

Where do you source your Hemp Extract?

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is Certified Organic! Our products contain our own full plant extract from our Certified Organic & Biodynamic Hemp.  We aim to capture as much of the therapeutic compound spectrum as possible using a Certified Organic cold alcohol extraction. To retain as raw and virgin an extract as possible, we do not expose our plant material to extended or high heat or pressure. No CO2 or hydrocarbons are ever used!

How Much CBD Is In Your Products?

Our hemp products are infused with full plant extract derived from Industrial Hemp that is third party tested at approximately 55%-65% Cannabidiol (CBD). The dominant cannabinoid in our variety is Cannabidiol. Our extract also shows other cannabinoids present including approximately 8-9% CBG.

Do Authentic Products Contain THC? 

Authentic products contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC as industrial hemp. 

Will Authentic Products Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Although low risk, consuming certain hemp products may lead to a positive drug test for THC as consuming poppy seeds may lead to a positive test for opioids. Due to trace amounts of THC, we suggest consulting with your physician subject to testing. 

How much Compound Oil should I take?

This can depend of body weight, composition, desired effect, delivery method & past experience with cannabinoids.  A serving size of 1ml of our compounds contain approximately 16mg of full plant spectrum.

We strongly suggest consulting your licensed healthcare professional prior to taking hemp oils internally.

Caution: Start with one drop. Discontinue use if allergic or any unwanted reaction occurs.

Why Do You List "Full Spectrum Extract" rather than "CBD" on your product labels?

We believe in whole plant herbal medicine and full plant extract.  We choose to not isolate one part of the plant, but to instead support the synergy of a full entourage effect

What is the "Entourage Effect"?

This term was coined in 1998 to describe findings that the entire spectrum of natural cannabis compounds is more beneficial than separating individual compounds. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts. We believe in offering the full plant extract in our product collections HERE.